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Watch a sunrise at least once a day.

110% lost my voice at Brand New tonight

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A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.
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This is most most bizarre underwater world in Austria’s (western Europe).It complicity different with other Nature gifts.yes the winter time almost half of the year,the lake is almost completely dry and people used as a  park. However, during the spring, when the temperature rises and the snow melts from surrounding mountains, the basin of land below the mountains fills with water.each and every year 12m of water rising temperatures.

I need to find out where this is and go!

(via thebeaconofgondor)

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I get wayyyyy to into singing the Game of Thrones opening theme. 

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Beers/food and catch up with 2 of the best dudes i know then off to see Brand New. Instagood day tomorrow!

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